Personal Growth Challenge Week 5 “Days In A Row” To AWESOMENESS!!!

Maybe the title might be a little over the top, but this definitely is about you becoming more amazing for sure! I was life coaching a client of mine and we were talking about setting priorities and planning for the week.  We were discussing ways that could be more effective in this person’s life planning regimen, and they had a great idea.  I made sure to ask if it was ok for me to blog about it, and they said it would be alright with them.  That is the great thing about my business, it is a joined effort, we all help each other.  We all are connected and combined in life anyways, so why not share our experiences and thoughts with one another to help people be at their best.

Anyways, it is called “Days In A Row.” Now, it is such a simple idea I think it’s brilliant.  You have a goal and you have a check list to check off how many days in a row you were able to do that goal/task consecutively.  The beauty is that it can actually be fun.  I remember when I was in the business world sitting behind a desk and I had mundane tasks to perform-I would play time games to see how fast I could get a task done and next time see if I could beat it.  Now while it may sound silly it helped keep me on goal (faster even) and actually made the task fun.

The great thing is Days In A Row can be utilized to fit your needs.  There is no right or wrong.  What if your goals were broken down into hours, days, months and maybe even goals for the year?  Such as for a nutrition goal: Hours in a row by having a glass of water or making sure you get up from your desk to stretch your legs and walk to the furthest bathroom to get a little more calories burned in your day.  Days in a row: what if you planned on making sure to take your multivitamin each morning, wake up 5 minutes earlier, or even go for a walk each morning? Weeks in a row: what if you planned on getting fresh fruit every week or maybe even volunteering at least once every week?  Months in a row could be paying your bills on time or making sure you donate a portion of your income.

I don’t know if those are the best examples, ;-) but I wanted to get to the point that you can set a goal that is important to you and start seeing how it can fit more purposefully into your life.  When I am working with my life coaching clients I don’t have too many mandates where it has to be this way, but the most effective way I see in people reaching their goals is by writing them down.  When you do this, it not only helps to CLARIFY it by being on paper, it also makes it tangible.  It is put out in the world to be seen by your eyes. We are visual beings and the mind can play many tricks on us by saying, “well you know that goal wasn’t that important,” or “we never meant to have it finished on this day” or maybe even that negative voice always dragging us down by saying “you could never achieve it anyways so why even try!”  So if you think it isn’t important to write down your goals, you may be hindering yourself from being able to achieve them.  What will it hurt to take 30 minutes to plan out your life? I am sure you will gain more than you lose!

Question… what if you were to write down your goals and priorities for the days, weeks, months, and year.  What would be on your top priorities?  Would it be your health such as getting enough water throughout the day, eating enough veggies, bringing in a sack lunch and going out less, working out at least 3-5 times a week, etc.?  Or …would it be to work more on your self-confidence and your mental obstacles? Such as writing down all the negative thoughts that come into your mind each day that you focus on and that hold you back and then write down a thought to change it to a positive? Would it be to read a book that caught your eye that you think would help you improve something in your life, or would it be just to mentor or volunteer your time gifts and talent to help build not only someone else up but yourself?  Whatever your goals and priorities make sure to ask yourself what you truly want out of life.  Are you looking to make it out alive and just trying to survive, or are you thriving and living the life you desire as you go about life in a purposeful aspect living your best days in a row at every single moment?


1) Write down your priorities for your life and break it down into (maybe even hours) days, weeks, months, and years.  Decide how much and how often you want a goal to be part of your check list, such as fruit being a good part of your nutrition plan and you going to the store at least once each week to buy fresh fruit, etc.  Be reasonable too. Don’t begin with an all or nothing mindset but have an open mind knowing you are an event and a work in progress. Mistakes will happen, so how can we learn from this and have more days in a row next time?

2) Organize your days in a row, weeks in a row, months in a row (maybe even hours in a row) check list.  You don’t have to make it super complicated. Maybe you have one major goal you want to accomplish right now.  WRITE it down and have a check list of it with the appropriate check boxes (days/hours/weeks/months) to see your progress.  The main reason to write it down is to solidify it, to make the goal real, and also to see your progress down the line when you look back.  Nothing is more gratifying then to see how far you have come from when you first started.

3) Schedule in indulgence. Something to realize is that this is a plan not a way to scrutinize or chastise yourself for fowling up.  This is to build you up and help you to see what is holding you back.  This is not an all or nothing task.  What I mean by that is people who are focusing on a diet might say something like my days in a row are to never eat chocolate again.  First off there is nothing wrong with chocolate (love my Ghirardelli caramel bars ;-) hehehe).  BUT having too much chocolate can be bad, so having indulgences scheduled in is a great idea to keep you positively focused on your goal.

4) Reward yourself.  This might be similar to indulgences, but I think if you reach a certain milestone it is a good thing to say “you know what… I did well and I want to reward myself for my progress.”  Have a reward system so your mind will enjoy being on this plan.  We are kids at heart, so when you make it fun and have rewards that are healthy you will be more likely to keep on track.  One example I think about is a body builder friend of mine will eat healthy all week and then eat what he likes on the weekend.  He says during his healthy weekly nutrition plan he is craving his diet free weekend.  The thing is, when he gets to the weekend and has his fill of what he was craving he is ready to get back to his healthy nutritional plan.  It is a healthy cycle that keeps him focused and enjoying both aspect of his goal.  Eating healthy and having his indulgences filled with some foods that may not be considered AS healthy.  Yes, he uses moderation, and doesn’t super over do it, but you get the idea.

Good luck! Let me know what your plans and goals are, and what your “Days In A Row” list looks like.  I would love to hear all your ideas and stories of successes and how you overcame obstacles.  Have a wonderful week! Looking forward to hearing from you about how you are putting your best life forward!

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6 comments on “Personal Growth Challenge Week 5 “Days In A Row” To AWESOMENESS!!!

  1. I wake up awesome every day. As the day goes along, I only get more awesome. I drink awesome for dinner, and lunch. I dream that I’m even more awesome than possible, the next day I prove myself wrong.

    • Great way to look at things, keep living that way and helping others to see it is possible to be just like you. Thanks for reading and commenting Roman. Hope to chat again soon. Have an amazing day sir! If there is anything you ever need just feel free to ask.

  2. there is a joke, A very lazy man was given remote button to do everything, he asks, where is the button to push all these buttons.
    First step is very very hard to do in self improvement.

    • Thanks for reading and posting Arif. Yes the first step can be the hardest, but motivation comes with movement so sometimes it’s just taking that faithful step into the unknown and you will see how truly beautiful life can be when you take a chance on yourself. Have a great day and thanks for the post sir! Keep coming back.

  3. KellyB on said:

    I was searching for a way to achieve some amount of personal growth in 5 days and found your blog. So i’m going to work this backwards and make a list of goals I can do for 5 days in a row, and then decide after those 5 days if I want to keep it going :) In any regard, glad I came across this post! I’ll keep reading!

    • Kelly, glad you found my site. That is a great idea! I And my readers would love to hear how it works for you, please keep us in the loop on your progress. I am honored that you not only visited my site but also read the blog and commented, so thank you. If there is anything I can help out with, don’t hesitate to ask. To your amazing potential, and your awesome growth you will be having havin in 5 days!

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