Personal Growth Challenge Week 6 Goals: Do More With Less

I was thinking about the personal development challenges for December and since New Year’s resolution time is coming I wanted to focus this month on goals. Each week I will take a different aspect of effective goal setting and things to think about. I really don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. The reason is why wait a year to start creating your best life. If there is something you want to change do it now. Every day is a new day to be exactly who you want to be so why wait?

Anyways, the focus I wanted to take this week was on doing too much. Something I want you to ask yourself is “are you doing too much to change, or are you changing to do much?” Now if you were like “huh, didn’t he just say the same thing?” What I mean is we have so many lofty goals we want to achieve, and we can do anything we want in our life but sometimes we are putting too much on our plate at one time. There is a principle called the hourglass principle; where only one grain of sand can pass through an hour glass at a time. Why I see so many held back from achieving what they want is from them focusing on too many things at once-never able to put quality time into working on their goals or never finishing progress towards a goal because they are so bogged down by the next object or goal they are trying to achieve. Some of the best CEOs focus on one thing at a time. They give their whole heart and effort into it. They save so much time by getting a task done in 5 minutes by focusing wholly on it, instead of taking all day to do it halfheartedly.

So what are your goals this year, and looking at last year did you follow through with your goals or forget about them after a little time had passed?  Next week we will get into the why’s of your goals, but for right now let’s focus on what you would like your life to look this year. Do you want to keep going the same route setting a bunch of goals that you really never gain any traction towards and give up on eventually, or would you like to hone your goals down into achievable transitions to begin putting your best life forward this year?


1) Write down all your goals (I don’t care how many, write as many as you can think of). The bigger the better though. Sometimes we shoot our sights too low. What if you were to set a goal of writing down at least 25? Think about all your categories too: family, school, health, travel, job, hobbies, friends, accomplishments, etc.

2) Start numbering/labeling your goals in order of importance. When you start prioritizing your goals it will help you to see which ones you want the most, which ones you will want to stay focused on, and which ones can wait. Once you know your priorities it is easier to stay the path because you are not bogged down by all the little goals that are taking your focus away from the main priorities for your development this year.

3) Once you have ordered them numerically choose one to three goals that you would like to focus on whole heartedly. Make a schedule and plan to see how you can make these work together. (If you only want to focus on one goal at a time instead of three that is perfect, but just giving you options to consider for right now)

Such as if your top 3 are your health, your job-making more money, and your family-spending more time with them. Take a look at what those goals mean to you in time and events and then see how you can plan those things together with minimal conflict. Such as you want to work out 5 times a week eventually, you want to spend an extra 10 hours a week writing that book you have always wanted to or maybe going back to school to take a few more classes to help you stay on the cutting edge of your career, and with your family let’s say you want to spend more time with them so you designate a Friday family night, a few more dates with the spouse, and taking time out of your schedule to help your kids with their homework. This is just an example but when you figure out your top goals, look at the details of what you would need to do to make it happen and see how you can schedule that altogether to make it work. It’s easy to say I want this.. and this… and that… and not plan for them to coexist in our lives. Anyone can dream to have something but will you take it the extra distance and plan it so that it can be brought into the real world.

Good luck with this task let us know how you plan on simplifying your goals to make them more powerful and more obtainable. Remember are you doing too much to change, or are you changing to do much? Put your best life forward and focus on one task at a time. I can guarantee you will not only start finishing more things but you will finish them much faster. Here’s a toast to putting your best you forward! Come back next week for personal growth challenge 7 as we will continue to focus on effective goal setting this month.

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