Personal Development Challenge Week 7: Goals – Seeing The Whole Field

Last week in our personal development challenge we at Strong Within were asking you to write down your goals, prioritize them and then to only focus on 1-3 goals so you could do more with less.  In life we are trying to get so much done all at one time that things get left behind, unfinished, or just forgotten about.

With that in mind we would like to continue December’s challenges to stay focused on goals and take it one step further as you break down your goals into manageable pieces.  A good friend and mentor of mine asked me a question, and maybe you have heard it before but this was my first time, “How do you eat an elephant?”  “With soy sauce maybe? I hear it is a tough meat,” I replied. ;-) He humored me and laughed a little at my bad attempt to be funny and then got serious again, “one bite at a time.”  What he was helping to solidify in me was the point that in life our goals can be like elephants; big, overwhelming, and powerful when we learn to break something big down into manageable parts that our life can digest.

As in the last challenge we sometimes only see one side of things in our lives. Maybe you have watched a sporting event on TV or at the stadium and you can clearly see the path the player needs to go and it seems so obvious to us, but the player can only see what’s infront of him/her and goes in a place that would only get themselves tackled, the ball taken away, or scored upon.  What we forget is when we are in the field of life we may not be able to see the whole situation because we are so close to the problem, task, or opportunity.  Most times we need to step out of our shoes and to take a step back and look at the opportunity at hand before us, and for lack of a better term since we are talking sports analogies “to see the field, the whole field” -not just thru our limited vision.

In my experience of helping people in goal setting and goal achievement they may have tunnel vision or funnel vision.  It is rare to find people who are able to see the whole picture all at once.  When goal setting with clients of mine I work to help them “see the whole field” and begin looking at their perception of how they view things.  Are they telescopic and only see the bigger picture or are they microscopic and see all the detailsBoth these views are great but until we can bring them both together it will be harder to reach a goal in the most efficient way possible.  When you can see the whole field and begin to break it down into manageable parts that work for you, you will be amazed at how things in your life that seemed impossible begin happening at an amazing pace for you.  In life it’s about creating the least amount of resistance towards something, so take a look at how you view things and begin ALLOWING yourself to take part in the amazing things that are already happening instead of forcing your way thru a task, goal or opportunity.


1)  Take a look at your goals and analyze is it big picture or detail orientated?

2)  Whatever is missing, break it down or build up your goal to complete the picture.  Figure out how to fill in the blanks.  Most well thought out goals have a big picture, a strategy to work towards that big picture (the details), and the next best action steps (to keep momentum moving towards that goal).  In life I see where people are waiting for something (in this case a goal) to motivate them and then they will move.  But MOST motivation comes from movement.  The more vivid and detailed a plan the easier it will be for you to see the goal’s succcess.

3)  This will be part of next weeks continuation on effective goal setting but figure out your WHY. When you know exactly why you are doing something it will be easier to keep your focus on what is important, but we will get deeper into that next week

It doesn’t matter what you write down for your goals as long as they are YOURS and important to you. In my experience I have seen a lot of goals that aren’t consistent with the person as they work towards goals to keep up with the Jones’, or to make someone else happy, or to please a past aspect of who they were.  Look at who you are RIGHT NOW! When you see who you really are, what your dreams are, and why you want something then your goals will begin to have faces to make them more real to you. The more real your goals become by looking at your “why’s” the easier it will be to stay focused and on track of your goals. See the bigger picture and begin breaking it down into manageable parts, as you see the details and begin seeing the whole field not just a limited view of life.

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