Personal Development #24:Surviving is Killing You

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I wanted to commemorate this blog post to the late great uplifter Zig Ziglar. He passed away last week, and he was one of my influences that got me into wanting to be a life coach. If you don’t know him you should check out some of his quotes if not his books and ideas.  I wanted to start this blog off with a quote of his:

“A lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job.”

Now this blog is not necessarily going to be about work and finding a job (but with the way the economy is maybe I should ;-) sorry I know the election is over), but it will be more about the business of your life.  I think many of the problems we have are due to thinking when we change the situation or circumstance things will be ok and life will all be amazing.  Now, while I do believe there are no coincidence (when we actually open our eyes and take notice of patterns and signs in our life), I do believe we have to put in some sort of work and not just wish or wait for luck to happen to us.

The metaphor that I see in this quote is: life is not just about surviving but about continually searching and traveling the path. There is a saying I like that says “be happy where you are; don’t be content but always be happy where you are.” We ask for just enough money to get by, we ask for someone to come into our life so we won’t feel so alone, or maybe we negatively ask for things just as much.  Such as the person who says I don’t want to be fat, poor, or stupid anymore. Yes it may sound harsh but we can be our own worst critics.  And by us focusing negatively, we actually are not asking for what we want but asking for what we don’t want, thus getting more of what we don’t want and continually feeling bad about it. Which continues our endless loop of disappointment.

The real question with your life is… are you just doing enough to get by?  Our life will give us exactly what we ask of it… so are you selling yourself and your life short by only trying to get by?  Life is utterly amazing when we focus our mind on what we want.  But I would say a good portion of us stop at the place where we have our eyes or mind set upon. We get what we asked for (or close to what we asked for) and when we think we have arrived at the answer we needed the rest will begin to fall in place.  In our short sightedness we forget it’s not just about passing to get that good mark we want (in school, life, work, etc), or working just hard enough to get that promotion we wanted and then going back to our old habits and ways, or for whatever aspect in our life we desire but feel we are unworthy or can’t have so we just settle.

We have forgotten that one part of our happiness is remembering our purpose through MASTERING our life. Those who take that extra step, those who not only think about how to get there but how to maintain and grow, those who believe in their best in every moment will be empowered the best qualities in life because it was less about getting and it was more about becoming.

Let’s take a look at a few struggles people may have and I will show you that even while the situations may be different the outcome will always be the same.  The alcoholic abstaining from alcohol is only the beginning. They must learn how to maintain that behavior.  The person stepping on the scale focusing on weight loss instead of becoming healthy (mentally, physically,spiritually-Holistically) will be reminded time and time again that success is derived in changing their lifestyle habits (internally and externally) not jumping on the quick fad diet, or finding that one perfect exercise, or even taking that pill (It’s ironic that on the label it says “works best with a healthy diet and exercise”).  Lastly going back to the quote we started with, those looking for success will find it is about going past what we set out to do. To have what we want will never be about making it to the destination, but on how we continue on the journey.

I know there will be those who will come back and say “well if that is the case it sounds like I will never find happiness because I will continually be searching for my next mountain to conquer; I will be on an endless conquest.”  However I am not saying to conquer every situation, but to understand you are already perfect and amazing…right now!  It’s about opening the jar to your potential as you already are; to become who you were intended to be; to ALLOW yourself to focus less on surviving and more on mastering your happiness and place in life. Not only going the distance, but by maintaining the habits you acquired to get there, and continuing to not only look ahead but to keep moving forward.  Life is the wakened state of putting consistent continual action towards our dreams. Keep dreaming friends; it’s one of the most enjoyable things we can partake in. Just don’t stop with the dream and put your best life forward every moment.

Let me know what you think in the comments section would love to hear your comments, stories, or ideas.

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